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DJ Pooya at a Wedding

About DJ Pooya

Over 12 years of professional experience and hundreds of events DJd in California and across the U.S.

Providing top-quality DJ services to 
Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego Residents.
rom small and intimate gatherings such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and engagements all the way to larger events including weddings, cultural and club events.

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Persian DJ Southern California
Party DJ


I hired Pooya to DJ my 30th birthday party and frankly, i was surprised by the high quality of his work.
He managed to keep the dance floor full throughout the night. I had so much fun that night... Best Party DJ ever!

Wedding DJ


I've personally known Pooya for years. Choosing the right DJ for my wedding party would've been a difficult task if I hadn't already known someone I can trust. And I'll have to say his performance was just *on point*
All our guests seemed happy and entertained which is all I could ask for!

Best DJ


I threw a boat party in San Diego last summer where Pooya and I first met there. I'll have to say amongst all other DJs in Southern California that I worked with, Pooya has been the most professional and passionate one. I would strongly recommend him for any type of event, whether a small family gathering or a large concert.

How We Makes a Difference

Years of Experience

Pooya packs 12 years of experience having DJd hundreds of weddings across California and the US.

A Class Equipment

We only use state of the art sound equipment, lights and special effects, to deliver the highest quality experience.

Music Planning Tool

Pooya offers a convenient Wedding Music Planning Tool so you can pick your favorite tunes for your special event.

Insured & Backed up

We always carry liability insurance and backup equipment in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Clean Presentation

Our setup is professional, clean and unique. Exceptional presentation is what we always guarantee.

High Energy MC

DJ Pooya's engaging personality on the mic and his natural talent for hyping up the crowd will rock your dancefloor!

Always On-Time

We always arrive 1.5 - 2 hours earlier than the time we agreed upon In order to assure everything is set up on-time.

Full Transparency

Every detail is mentioned in our agreement. We don't hide anything from you. We don't have any hidden fees.

Live Mixing

Unlike some other wedding DJs, we don't use any premade mixes. Every transition is live, smooth and super fun!

Favorite Tunes

DJ Pooya plays a fresh and diverse range of songs, which captivates audiences of all cultures and backgrounds.

Easy Booking Process

We present the agreement through a convenient Doc-Sign link to our clients to create a hassle-free experience.

Smiles Included 😊

Unlike most other DJs, We ensures smiles are included in every step :-) from our initial contact all the way to the end.

After You Reach Out

After you get in touch with us, we will ask you a few questions to better understand

  • your music taste

  • venue size and the number of guests

  • the lighting package you'd prefer

  • any event-specific arrangements

After that, we will stay in touch and sync up with you at least twice before the event to make sure everything is going on as planned. 

We will arrive one hour earlier on the day of the event to set up the sound and lighting equipment.

dj pooya at a wedding
wedding DJ Irvine

DJ and MC Services

DJ Pooya, famous for his smooth transitions and on-point music selections will keep your dance floor up all night. You can expect a guaranteed full dance floor from us! We will also help you out with making the announcements and pumping up your guests to come and dance!

Birthday DJ

Sound Equipment

We take sound quality very seriously and use the best quality equipment available in the markets, regardless of the package you've chosen.

We also make sure to place our equipment in ideal spots in terms of sound calibration by using cutting-edge sound testing equipment. 

Best DJ Los Angeles

Lighting Equipment

We will walk you through a detailed list of our lighting equipment and let you choose what works best for you.

We will show you samples of what each lighting package would look like at the event so you can have a visual picture of your lighting choices.

DJ Pooya's Latest Mixes

Nowruz 1401 Persian Mix


Summer 2021 Dance Mix

DJ Pooya's Packages

Essential Package
  • 5 hours of DJ Service

  • Setup + Teardown

  • Premium Speakers

  • Premium Subwoofers

  • Premium Wireless Microphones

  • Song Request Playlist

Premium Package
  • Unlimited hours of DJ & MC Service

  • Premium Speakers

  • Premium Subwoofers

  • Premium Wireless Microphones

  • Dance Lights

  • Uplights

  • Dance on Clouds Fog

  • Cold Sparkler Machines

  • Co2 Blast Visual Effect

  • Ceremony & Cocktail-Hour Sound

  • Custom Music Planning Tool

  • 2M Liability Insurance Included

Luxury Package
  • Unlimited hours of DJ & MC Service

  • DJ Stage (8'x16')

  • 360 Photo Booth

  • Custom Monogram Light

  • Glow Sticks

  • Premium Speakers

  • Premium Subwoofers

  • Premium Wireless Microphones

  • Dance Lights

  • Uplights

  • Dance on Clouds Fog

  • Cold Sparkler Machines

  • Co2 Blast Visual Effect

  • Ceremony & Cocktail-Hour Sound

  • Custom Music Planning Tool

  • 2M Liability Insurance Included

add a Live Musician to your package!

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