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About Pooya

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Pooya brings over 10 years of professional experience as a DJ and producer to the dancefloors.

We offer Armenian, Turkish, Afghan and Arabic DJ services to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego residents. We DJ

  • Birthday Parties

  • Weddings

  • Engagements

  • Graduation Parties

  • Anniversaries

  • Traditional Celebrations

American DJ Services Los Angeles


We used DJ Pooya for my daughter's engagement party in Orange County last weekend.
He was great, very professional, arrived early, left late.

He came with great equipment and took care of everything.

Great Turkish music and he kept the party going.


Thanks again Pooya!

Arabic DJ Services Los Angeles


Pooya is a wonderful DJ, with a great attitude and selection of music!
We asked him to spin at one of our family birthday parties in San Diego and everyone loved his work!

He did a great job at blending Arabic and American dance music together.

10/10 would recommend!

Armenian DJ Services Los Angeles


I hired Pooya last June to DJ my 20th birthday party in Los Angeles and had a great experience.
He created an awesome atmosphere, regardless of whether it was time to dance or relax after dinner.

He has a very good collection of Armenian music and is very passionate about his job.
I highly recommend him!

What nationalities do you specialize in?

I offer Armenian, Turkish, Afghan, Arabic, Iranian and American DJ services for all types of events, from smaller events such as birthday parties, graduations and anniversaries to bigger ones like engagements, weddings and traditional celebrations.
I maintain a comprehensive collection of music from each one of the above nationalities that i use during my DJ sets.

I cover the entire Southern California area without any extra transportation charges (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego).

What information do i need to prepare before i contact you?

It's best if you can provide the: event date, event location, estimated number of guests, type of event, guests nationality and whether if the venue requires liability insurance purchased so i can prepare accordingly.

Do you arrive earlier to have time for setting up before guests arrival?

Indeed! I usually arrive an hour earlier than the event start time to prepare everything.

How early do i need to contact and book you?

It all depends on what's already been booked on my calendar! You can contact and book me as early as a year in advance or just a day before your event! Although i would appreciate at least a 2 week notice if possible. Saturdays are usually the busiest day of the week, therefore if you chose a Friday or a Sunday for your event there will be a higher chance of availability.

Do you provide lighting as well?

Lighting equipment isn't included in our packages by default but we can certainly provide dance-floor lighting as an add-on service upon clients' request.

Do you accept playlists/song requests?

Absolutely! You can provide me with a few song names that you'd like to have them included in the playlist during your event! Spotify playlists work best but you can always email or text me the name of the songs as well!

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  • birthdays

  • graduations

  • anniversaries

  • 4 hours of DJ services.

  • starter sound equipment.

  • dance lights available as add-on.

  • 10 special song requests.

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  • weddings

  • engagements

  • cultural celebrations

  • 7 hours of DJ and MC services.

  • premium sound equipment.

  • dance lights included.

  • 20 special song requests.

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  • destination weddings

  • 1-2 nights (flexible hours).

  • sound and light provided by the venue / event-planner.

  • 20 special song requests.

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