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California's #1 Rated Jewish DJ

Pooya brings 12+ years of Jewish Wedding DJ experience to the table to make sure your big day is in good hands!

Having DJ d dozens of Jewish and Israeli events in Southern California and throughout the United States, Pooya is committed to delivering the absolute best service quality to his clients, every single time! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept requests for songs?

Yes, certainly. You can use my Music Planning tool to choose the perfect songs for your event. Also, feel free to provide a Spotify/Youtube playlist, and I'll integrate it into the DJ set.


Are there any live music options available for events?

Yes, I offer a variety of live musicians for your event, including percussionists, violinists, saxophonists, guitarists, accordionists, and harpists.


How soon do I need to make my decision to book you?

Booking is based on a first-come, first-served policy, so deciding early is recommended.

What's the typical process for booking your services?

After selecting your ideal package, you'll receive a Doc-Sign agreement from me. Signing the document or sending your deposit secures your event date - whichever that comes first.

Does your service include insurance, as my venue requires it?

Yes! I've got insurance that covers up to $2 million, which should meet most venue requirements.

Can you DJ multicultural events?

Yes, I have extensive experience DJing multicultural events, including American, Persian, Arabic, Latin, and many more. Most of the weddings I've been a part of have been multicultural.

Do you have backup to deal with equipment problems?

Always! I bring backup gear for all events to ensure everything runs smoothly without any technical issues.


What's your plan if you can't make it to an event?

While it's never happened, and I hope it never does (knock on wood!), in the unlikely event that I cannot make it to an event, I will arrange for a backup DJ from my network of experienced DJs.

Would you be comfortable traveling?

Yes, I do travel worldwide for destination weddings and events!

Can you make the announcements for my event?

Yes, I can handle announcements for your event, It's a part of my MCing service. We can work together to coordinate announcements efficiently through the music planning tool.

Would you be able to make announcements for my event?

Of course, announcements are part of the MCing experience! We can use the music planning tool to to coordinate announcements perfectly.

When do you usually show up at the venue to start setting up?

To ensure a well-coordinated setup, I usually show up at the venue 2-3 hours in advance.

Where do you post samples of your DJ mixes?

I have posted my mixes on Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube accounts.

Can coordinate with my videographer/belly dancer/officiant for our event?

Certainly! I can coordinate with any vendor you'd like me to, in order to ensure a  well-coordinated event.

Do you provide wireless microphones? Do they have stands?

Yes and yes! :)

Do you mix the music live? How is your mixing style?

Yes, everything is mixed live! My transitions are seamless and smooth to create a vibrant and lively experience for your guests.


Can we choose the cocktail hour / dinner playlist?


Absolutely! You have the option to provide separate Spotify playlists for these portions of the event, and I’ll gladly incorporate them!

Pooya's Popular Jewish Event Categories

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How Pooya Makes a Difference

Years of Experience

Fueled by passion and 12 years of experience, DJ Pooya creates unforgettable Jewish weddings throughout California.

A Class Equipment

We leverage state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a flawless and unforgettable experience.

Music Planning Tool

Pooya's Wedding Music Planner helps you choose your favorites songs for your event.

Insured & Backed up

Always prepared for the unexpected – I have both liability insurance and backup equipment.

Clean Presentation

I deliver exceptional presentations with a professional and beautifully designed setup.

High Energy MC

With exceptional mic skills and engagement techniques, Pooya guarantees a consistently lively and dynamic dance floor.

Vendors Discount

You will receive a list of 100+ SoCal wedding vendors contact information, pricing, packages and discounts (photographers, florists, catering, etc).

Full Transparency

Our agreement is transparent – all details are clearly presented.

Smiles Included 😊

Unlike most other DJs, I ensures smiles are included in every step :-) from our initial contact all the way to the end.

DJ Pooya's Packages

Essential Package
  • 5 hours of DJ Service

  • Setup + Teardown

  • Premium Speakers

  • Premium Subwoofers

  • Premium Wireless Microphones

  • Song Request Playlist

Premium Package
  • Unlimited hours of DJ & MC Service

  • Premium Speakers

  • Premium Subwoofers

  • Premium Wireless Microphones

  • Dance Lights

  • Uplights

  • Dance on Clouds Fog

  • Cold Sparkler Machines

  • Co2 Blast Visual Effect

  • Ceremony & Cocktail-Hour Sound

  • Custom Music Planning Tool

  • 2M Liability Insurance Included

Luxury Package
  • Live Musicians (x3)

  • Unlimited hours of DJ & MC Service

  • Premium Speakers

  • Premium Subwoofers

  • Premium Wireless Microphones

  • Dance Lights

  • Uplights

  • Dance on Clouds Fog

  • Cold Sparkler Machines

  • Co2 Blast Visual Effect

  • Ceremony & Cocktail-Hour Sound

  • Custom Music Planning Tool

  • 2M Liability Insurance Included

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Exceeding Expectations, Every Single Time!

Noah Bernstein, Beverly Hills

“We decided to hire Pooya to DJ our wedding and it went smoothly. I was very happy with the music selection of Hebrew songs, professionalism and attention to detail from the DJ. I highly recommend Pooya to everyone. Definitely worth the money."

Event Add-ons

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belly dancer for israeli wedding


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cold sparklers for israeli wedding


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photobooth for indian wedding


wedding coordinator for indian wedding


bartender for israeli wedding


dancefloor for israeli wedding


co2 blast for israeli wedding


harpist for israeli wedding


uplighting for indian wedding


officiant for indian wedding


accordionist for israeli wedding


stage for israeli wedding


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